Monday, May 21, 2012

Is Nuskin A Scam Or Legit?

Have you heard about Nuskin? If you have then you probably have noticed it's growth in the industry, especially on NYSE.. There are plenty of rumours spread around on the net, questioning if Nuskin is a scam, read on and lets find out in this article.

Nuskin was established in 1984 and has experienced growth ever since and today has some of the most advanced technology towards skin and healthcare.

Nuskin Enterprises has 4 sectors; Nuskin for personal care, Pharmanex for nutritional supplements, Big Planet and Force For Good a humanitarian aid project

This company is listed on New York Stock Exchange under the name of NUS. Also listed on Forbes list in the category of one of the 100 most trustworthy mid-cap companies in the world.. The Norwegian government has spent money from their oil funds to invest in Nuskin as they will run out of oil someday and therefore needs a safe place to invest their money.

As this is a multi level marketing company, lets have a look at how money is being made. When you decide you want to start doing business in Nuskin, you are required to buy the business kit for (est) 730.This kit consist of a range of products for you to personally test. From here you have est 3 months to achieve 4500 points. The start up kit gives you 1000 points, so 3500 remaining. For people doing this as business this means, find 4 other people wanting to start with the business.

Money is being made by changing all your everyday products to Nuskins line, when everyone in your downline does the same thing, it generates a lot of sales and commission for you.

When you become an executive (successfully complete the qualification time) Nuskin then pays you commision based on your GSV (Group Sales Volume).. The part where most people struggle is the qualification, and most likely drop out,mlm is a hard industry, but done correctly you can achieve massive success.

The company's motto is "The difference demonstrated" which really puts an emphasis on the fact that you never do sales or push the products. People who try the products will see the difference themselves and therefore put more effort into building your business rather than selling.

The CEO of the company has claimed that the reason for the company's fast growth is because of all the excited distributors that work within the company.

Personally I have been speaking with people that uses these products, and I have seen the results with my own eyes, and it does what it says on the tin. It is really beneficial for the skin and the vitamin supplements really works. A friend of mine who works in the Norwegian army uses the the supplements from pharmanex, and has not been sick since he started using them (1 year ago).

To wrap this review up; Nuskin Enterprises is not a scam, if they were they would not be listed on NYSE or Forbes List. It is a legal MLM company just like Herbalife, Forever Living etc. I have personally done a lot of research and it occurs to me that the ones that hate this company or MLM are the people who failed at it.

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