Sunday, June 10, 2012

Make Your Online Store Rock With Smart Shopping Cart Solutions !

Advancement of internet technologies has made lives of modern shoppers easier. They can simply buy the products of their choice without having to hop from one departmental store to the other, and that too at a few clicks of the mouse. This way it saves their time and effort.

Nobody likes to visit a crowded shopping mall at weekends after a hectic schedule at office. Customers can now shop with their heart's content from the comfort of their home and office. However, the task will be not that easier and hassle free without smart shopping cart solutions.

Here the discussion will be carried forward on how more functional carts can be developed.

Apt Management of Inventory

Your online store will rock if your designer can integrate an inventory control feature successfully. This feature will help you to track your products. This advanced attribute will also notify the site owner when he is running on low stock. It will help you add more items to the cart whenever the stock is exhausted.

Discount Calculation

A user-friendly cart is one that allows consumers to ascertain rates of discount when bulk purchases are made. Integrate a calculator that is simple to use, and not too complicated. Make sure the discount is calculated on the number of products a consumer buys.

The more a customer buys, the more is the discount. It is also a smart marketing strategy to increase the sale of your online products. More discount implies more revenues.

Automatic Invoice Generation

Customers shopping experience can be made more richer by integrating online shopping cart solutions like automatic generation of invoice. When an order is finalized, the automated system will generate a customer invoice in an instant.

Adding Gift Vouchers

If your shopping cart page has gift coupons or vouchers, there is nothing like it. This strategy will help in attracting more visitors to your e-commerce site. It is not necessary that all visitors will buy from you, especially those who haven't heard of you before. With attractive gift vouchers, you can turn new visitors to your loyal customers.

Smart Calculation of Tax

You can improve the functionality of your store by setting up different tax rates for different merchandises or nations. The tax calculator should be part of the cart page, and automatically calculate taxes when a customer checks out. Make sure it is calculated based on the final bill, or ascertained as per the product's tax.

Offline Payment

There are some customers who feel skeptical revealing confidential details of their credit or debit cards. They feel that e-commerce transactions are not secure. What should you do in such a case? Ignore such customer? No way ! The best way is offering offline payments alternatives to such customers. This implies that payments will be processed physically.

This way you don't lose valuable customers, and at the same time your customers feel satisfied as they are not forced to divulge confidential data online.

Product Categorization

This is the most crucial aspect of any e-commerce site. Customers come to your site, they look for products, and buy them. Their search for products can be made fast, easy and convenient by apt product categorization. Designers from website design company India agencies focus more on categorization. They categorize items as per prices and brands. This helps customers to choose their preferred items with ease.

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